Used to think…

I Used to Think….

When I was young I used to think 35 was old…

till I turned 35

Not many years ago I wondered why people got so upset for so long when a loved one died..I mean they were going to heaven right?..what’s the big deal?… they are better off than all of us right??

till I experienced the loss of someone very close…

I used to think I am never getting married and I’m certainly never having kids..who wants to be tied down the rest of their lives?? not this girl! that’s crazeee talk.. maybe someday but then again maybe never..truly that’s what I used to think… 

till I fell in Love…

till I found out I was going to have a few miracles God calls children…

I used to think you can overcome anything if you just pray right….

I used to think God would protect me from anything once I followed Him with my whole heart

till I experienced more pain after following Him… than before

I used to think being healthy and fit was easy.. just don’t eat that I would say.. or just exercise I would tell others

till I experience weight gain and struggles with food and overeating myself…

I used to think a lot of things….

The absolute Truth of the matter is you never know how you would do until you have experienced it yourself. 

Don’t be arrogant or prideful like I was in my past… 

The next time you assume someone should be over something when they are not..think before you speak. 

The next time someone next to you is crying over the loss of another human being …even years after they are everyone a favor and just be quiet. You obviously don’t understand that some people we never get over losing. 

Everyone you and I know is in a process of one kind or another. 

Don’t speak about what you would do if you were that person unless you have been there yourself.

Think before you slander someone doing their best just to get by. 

You don’t know what they struggle with on the inside. 

SO they smile.. maybe smiling is a great mask..easy to put on to hide the pain underneath. 

The Truth is No one but God Alone Truly knows. Period.

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